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I purchased a so called Custom Bagger Kit from Bag Boyz Customs !!!I wondered why they didn't have more pics of finished products on their website, but was assured by the guy on the phone that they had successfully installed hundreds of these kits.

So I paid up front for the kit. What took place from there after was a nightmare !!! After taking 3 weeks to receive the kit which had a promise of expedited (3 day ) shipping as part of the price. I tried to install it on my bike.

I specifically supplied all particulars about my bike such as Make, Year and model. When I tried to install the fender there was no way it would ever fit a Softail which is what I ordered and is a very common model. With the fender pushed all the way forward up against the rear tire the fender fell 8 inches short of covering the tire. Basically a gap of 8 inches under the seat.

With the bags attached to the rear fender perfectly lined up with the fender fills the bags were so far forward that they actually covered the rear pegs making it impossible for ever having a passenger !!! My wife wasn't impressed to say the least. I got back in touch with the same guy ( he never gave me his name ) and told him about the fitment problems I was having. Again he assured me that he would help me by giving me specific mounting instructions and pics of other finished products.

Well the pics of finished Softail projects never came . After a week of back and forth and me sending him many pics he finally admitted that they had never tried to use the fender he sent me with the bags he sent me. He then offered to send me the right fender. After 3 days of hearing nothing I called him back.

At that point he was very unhelpfull and said that if I paid for shipping the wrong fender back and paid for shipping of the proper fender that when he got around to it he would send the proper fender.

When I told him that I didn't think I should pay for any shipping as I had not only given very precise info as to what kind of bike I had and also pics that very clearly show it is a Softail, he basically told me to F$#!myself and I was on my own !!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1068179

Why would you by from a website like that anyway?Is it still 1996, zero information, zero pictures of any installs.

Boyz with a z, really why doesn't customs get a z too? It obviously a very low budget very low end operation with no customer service, and no attention to the web. Maybe the shop it self is ok to get the work done onsite if one lives in their town, this way they can work through the install growing pains associated with low quality/low production fiberglass parts. At the very cheap prices of thier fiberglassed items it obvious its not going to fit as oem, and will always require modification.

This is the nature of fiberglass, oem-like fitment for fiberglass is possible but your not going to get it only fender for only $150 or whatever the junk is they sell.

Word to the wi(z)e, be wary of any auto/moto custom company with Custom in the name of the company, websites using free/cheap hosting and are obviously wisywiged template pages, no installed galleries, any company that substitutes S's for Z's, and dealing with anything I mean anything made from fiberglass be in the mindset that it will be a good start for what you but it will need bodywork or extensive modification to fit as you dreamed it would.

Sorry you had issues, but its fiberglass, and the lack of customer service is exactly what I would expect from anyone that uses 'boyz' in a real business situation.

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